Visit to Estonia 25th-29th September 2017

The project meeting was held in the Lindi Laested-Algkool Primary school of Lindi, Audru Parrish in Estonia.

Teachers from partner schools from Spain, Turkey, The Czech Republic, Ireland and The Netherlands not only saw how children had technique lessons and worked enthusiastic with technical boxes that were made by the staff members of the school in Lindi.  The visitors also had a fine impression of the pedagogical and didactical situation of the education in the Estonian school


The welcome in the school, by singing children was hart warming.

The visitors also went to the parallel school and the visited a school for 5 years old pupils. Both schools were very modern and new.Lindi2

In both schools children worked with the boxes. In the parallel school they could use the boxes made by the school from Lindi. In this way other schools can use our project experiences; one of the aims project.


Some extra excursions to a local creativity center (also for the children of the school), the former Lindi Primary school, a little boat trip and a hiking meeting after the daily activities completed this successful meeting in Lindi.


A surprise was the presentation of a folkdance show by children and staff of the school.

All the staff members will have our compliments, extra compliments are given to the coordinator of the school Mrs. Kaire Kievit and Mrs. Ulla Urgusaar.


Anton Verwey, coordinator.