ERASMUSPLUS week in Czech Republic from 9 October till 13 October 2017

Meet and greet with the colleagues of the Erasmusplus-group.

We stayed in pension Rodos in Horni Pocernice. Teachers from Turkey, Spain and Ireland also stayed in the same pension. We met eachother at breakfast. After breakfast we went to school Ratibořická, the school in our project.

IMG_4981  IMG_4985

The principal of the school Hana Kindlova and the coordinator Eva Hola welcomed us. We discussed  the project. Then we had our short  presentations about our country.  We had a delicious lunch at the cafetaria of the school. In the afternoon we visited the Charles Bridge in Prague and we did a cruise on one of the Vodouch boats on the Vltava River.

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The next day we had a workshop Experiments from the box at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University. We made experiments like  “a wire” made of coins, color-mixing, cork compass. That was very interesting, we had to work together and had a lot of fun. After this workshop we had a guided tour in Prague by bus and in the evening a dinner with some Czech- teachers in Prague.

On Wednesday we went to the school Ratibořická.

IMG-20171012-WA0045  IMG_5665  IMG-20171012-WA0097

Two students showed us their school. The girls were very kind and gave answers in English as good as possible. The school was big and decorated with a lot of artistic work of the students. We saw lessons about techniques in several groups. Also the guest-teachers gave some technique lessons. That was inspiring. We also could see how the education in the school was.  After the lessons, the teacher Mischa taught us and showed us the handwork of painting cookies, how to make a decorated house with sugar-icing.IMG-20171012-WA0061

In the afternoon we went to Prague to spend some free time. In the evening we went to a short classical-concert at the Cathedral of St. Clement.

IMG-20171012-WA0083  IMG_5300

At Thursday we visited the small parallelschool in the neighbourhood with the technical boxes. The students worked with the boxes. Anton gave a lesson using the technical box: “How to make a catapult”. They liked that.

IMG-20171013-WA0011  IMG-20171013-WA0008  IMG-20171013-WA0007

After lunch we went on a trip to a place named Liberec to visit the science center “IQlandia”,  a center with a planetarium, a world of fascinating experiments and smart entertainment. In the evening we had the last dinner with some colleagues from the school in Horni Pocernice.

On Friday our last day in Czech Republic, we had a short evaluation in the morning  and we said goodbye to the students, Hana, Eva and the colleagues.

First our thanks to the students we visited in both schools. We want to thank Hana and her team for the hospitality. We felt more than welcome.

We also thank Eva for organizing the activities and trips, for her time and attention. And we are very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this Erasmusplus-Project.

Goodbye, till next meeting,

Karin van der Plas and Els Hoetmer