Dear colleagues,

here is some news about our friendly child and teachers project.

A fantastic meeting in Turkey and Greece !!!!!

We had a perfect last meeting in Kypseli on Aegina in Greece and also In Mersin and Tarsus in Turkey.

It was perfect  how Stavroula and the team of the school in Kypseli gave the visitors a real Greek welcome!

The hosts of The Tarsus college was also fantastic, Nil and Eda with their staff did also a very fine job as hosts for a fine end also perfect week in Turkey.


Stavroula and Nil made also their report of this week on the website and so did already Epp and Kadri. You should see it !

We ask now Belinda, Raquel, Jeanette, Frencis, Eva, Hana, Els, Lenny, Paula, Rosy, Denise, Alena, Monika, Irene, Alba, Kaire and Ulla to upload their report of this visit. We hope it will be as enthusiastic as the report of Epp, Kadri, Stavroula and Nil ! It could be that your reports already on the website in the main time when you read this bulletin.

I am sure all the guests will tell enthusiastic about their experiences in Turkey and Greece in their “home” staff meetings.

The meeting in The Netherlands from the 30th of May till the 3rd of June.


The staff of the school in Holland is looking forward to meet you.

Niamh and Sinead asked about the program of the visit. I will send them the program again, perhaps they missed the mail. About their question; they do not have to bring any equipment. This meeting is mainly for an evaluation. During this meeting we will also look at the minutes made by the colleagues from Spain and Ireland. Rosie already her minutes of the meeting and Raquel promised to send them this week.

To be sure I, here is the agenda of our meeting on Thursday:

  1. Presenting the school and the new schoolyard. We will start with a coffee and tea.
  2. Minutes made by Rosie and Raquell.
  3. We will start with the general evaluation of the second year. Jose already did send some reactions; his mail will be forwarded again so that you can read it. I hope Jose will bring the answers to all of us. Perhaps can the two colleagues from Ireland look at it because Jose used google for a translation? I hope they can change it into `real English` You will find below questions that I made related to the Mobility Tool. Questions you have to answer later. I hope you will have some moments to read the questions and prepare some answers. We will try to formulate the answers and make a minute so that everyone can use them later.
  4. Schedule of visits for the next year – you already have it in your mailbox.
  5. We will work with some boxes that are made recent in the Netherlands. We hope to show you what boxes we miss in Holland and how we want to solve that problem
  6. Website – how are the experiences and discussion about the costs for the next five years.
  7. Satellite schools.
  8. Booklet / Photo book. As we asked please bring some interesting pictures of the meetings from this year and the first year. I hope you can put them on a stick. Please give also the names of the persons that are on the pictures so that we can complete the booklet for the last year.
  9. At the start of our project we had a survey . we agreed to do it again during the last project year.
  10. Evaluation of this meeting and the meetings hopefully made by the Irish teachers Niamh and Sinead.

If you have your reservation of the hotel in Asperen by us you had it in your mailbox. If not you had to do it yourself:

Visit in May to the Netherlands, most info is given now.

Enjoy your project and have good memories of the visits and meetings that were held…