Dear colleagues,

Here is some news about our friendly child and teachers project.

A fin evaluation meeting in  The Netherlands.

We had an evaluation  meeting in the Dutch school.

It was fine how the Dutch team of the school Het Palet  in Netherlands gave the visitors a real “Betuws” welcome! They gave the guests, or shall we say friends and colleagues a nice welcome with Dutch presents at the coffee break and organized a perfect lunch at school.

The guests visited some classes, saw the technical boxes and the way the staff of the school organized the presentation of the material. They were impressed by the “new” schoolyard with all the friendly playing tools and flowers.

The “traditional” dinner with the gusts and the complete Dutch staff was in Opheusden in Het Veerhuis near the river Rhine.


During the meeting this project year was evaluated and Jose, the director of Los Molinos gave his concept of the reaction he made on the Mobilly Tool.

We agreed that the website will be to be continued for 5 years after the end of the project, so that every partner school, and others who are interested can use the information about the boxes, we can upload some new boxes and we can be in contact with each other. We will share the costs. We gave great praise and compliments to Eva Hola for her design and developing of the website. At the end of next schoolyear we will present a booklet with texts and pictures based on the website and pictures that are given by the partners. Sandra, she is a teacher of Het Palet will coordinate the making of this booklet. Every school will receive one booklet during the last meeting in Holland next year. We will look if the book also can be distributed via Internet.

It was a pleasure that Peter Schonger of the Austrian school and Eva Hola from Pocernice were present during the last days of the project meeting.

We agreed for the schedule for the meetings next year:

Time line for the last TEPS project year Meetings.

Estonia                  1 – 5 October 2018

Turkey                   5 – 9 November 2018

Greece                  1 – 5 April 2019

Prague                  10 – 12 April 2019 (competition)

Netherlands        22- 26 May (Final Evaluation)

We informed each other about the presentation of the boxes to our satellite schools, the idea of the Irish Saint Cronans Boys school in Bray to let children present their boxes to other schools was adopted enthusiastic.

We agreed that we will show the website to our classes and inform other teachers and their organizations as well and also  our parents about the website.

Niamh Breathnach and Sinéad Slatter from Bray made the minutes of the meeting. Thanks to them every school will receive these minutes so that the teachers who were present can inform their  “home” staffs.

During the time that was left the visitors had some excursions, in relation to the boxes about making a tower and the music box to the old city of Rhenen where they saw the Cunera church with its tower. They also went on bike through the city of Leerdam with The Jukebox Gallery and the Fortress of Asperen.

Holland_2More information will soon to be find on the website via the evaluations of the participants of this week in The Netherlands: Kaire Kiivit, Ula Orgusaar, José Antonio Gonzales Illera, Stavroula Kountrarou, Dana Svatosova, Michaela Votipkova, Eda Boga, Nil Ozveren Askin, Niamh Breathnach and Sinéad Slatter

Till so far,             

as usual, keep in touch,

Anton Verwey.