Here is some news about our friendly child and teacher’s project.

The new school year starts or in some partner schools, it will start soon! So all the best for this school year and for our last project year of our successful technical project for our pupils.

We agreed for the schedule for the meetings this year:

Time line for the last TEPS project year meetings.

Estonia                  1 – 5 October 2018

Turkey                   5 – 9 November 2018 (Nil informs you soon)

Greece                  1 – 5 April 2019? (Stavroula is asked to check these dates)

Prague                  10 – 14 April 2019 (Competition, information will be in Lindi)

Netherlands        22- 26 May (Final Evaluation)

Meeting in Estonia.

The school in Estonia will start in a few weeks. I suggest that visiting colleagues will arrive in the weekend before in Tallinn. Perhaps we can meet there and go by bus on Monday to Pärnu. That is why I had contact with the hotel Pärnu.

Kati did make an offer for us. I give here the answer she did send me. If you want to book, you can use the key word Lindi. It would be good if you can do the booking as soon as you can. In a few weeks, we will contact you about the visit. It would be nice if you can give your flying data to Kaire, Ulla and to me. I suppose that we can have program info about the visit to Lindi soon.


Dear Anton,

Thank you for choosing Kurgo Villa once again for your stay in Pärnu!

We are delighted to host your group for the period 1.-5.10.2018 (4 nights)

* accommodation for adults (single, twin or double rooms)
* tasty breakfast
* wifi
* parking for a car or a bus

As agreed – guests can book rooms themselves using code “Lindi”: single room 40 €/night and twin/double room for 45 €/night.

Currently I have pre-booked 10 standard rooms for requested period (last year there were 9 rooms in total) – please let me know if more (or less) guests are expected. Rooms can be booked based on availability – please use key word “Lindi” for this offer while requesting a room. Worth mentioning is the fact, that few of our rooms can accommodate one extra bed, if needed.

Looking forward to hearing from you if this offer is suitable and mentioned code is acceptable.

Best regards,
Kati Skorikova

— Sales managerKurgo Villa Hotell & RestoranTel. +372


News about Diana.


Diana Brouwer the director of Het Palet was asked to be director of a school in Houten at The Dalton School called De Plantage. Therefore, she will not be on the schools in Opheusden, IJsendoorn and Kesteren. The staff is grateful for all her efforts for the school and for our projects. Everyone appreciates her efforts for our Erasmus+ projects. She offered Karin, the new head of school, to help with the financial items on the Mobility Tool for the last year of this project. Perhaps she will join us on one of our meetings. Colleagues that will come to the last evaluation meeting in Opheusden in May will meet her again.

Competition meeting in Prague.

We agreed to have a competition about making a car using a PET bottle and a small motor. The competition is mend for pupils in the age of 10, 11 or 12 years old.

During the 3 days in Pocernice, pupils will present their “cars” that they made during the competition they had in their own class at school.

Schools that cannot send pupils can send a video or picture so that the school can take part in this way.

In Lindi we will explain more and we will discuss how to work out this “competition”.

To be sure, that every class has the same material, I will bring you the number of material you need for your pupils. I suggest that you will work in groups of two or three children. I will bring the sets with me to Lindi if you want. Just let me know the number of sets you need. (I would say have some extra as reserve  J ). Each set costs about €2,95. If you order please do it in September to give me time to arrange it.


 Till so far, more news about the program and the visits will come soon.

Waiting for your answers, as usual, keep in touch,

Anton Verwey.