Dear colleagues/friends,

Here is some news about our friendly child and teacher’s project specially about the visits to Lindi and Mersin/Tarsus.

 8 remarks/questions……

  1. If you can come on Sunday to Tallinn, we can travel together to Pärnu on Monday by bus.
  2. Did you make the reservation at Kati for the hotel in Pärnu? See Bulletin 15.
  3. Please bring examples of your latest new boxes to show.
  4. Ulla wants to send you a program of the week. Please send her and me your email address + mobile number.
  5. Be so kind to send Ulla and me in cc the data about flight number + arrival and departure date.
  6. If you need an invitation, send Ulla a message with the exact name(s) and organization and see will send it to you as soon as she can. Some organizations need such an invitation.
  7. Ulla will arrange a bus to travel for an excursion; you will get a bill for that. That’s why she wants to know how many visitors will be there.
  8. How many machines for the bottle car competition do you need: give it before Friday (see below) to me please? I have to order them.

Competition meeting in Prague.

We agreed to have a competition about making a car using a PET bottle and a small motor. The competition is mend for pupils in the age of 10, 11 or 12 years old.

During the 3 days in Pocernice, pupils will present their “cars” that they made during the competition they had in their own class at school.

Schools that cannot send pupils can send a video or picture so that the school can take part in this way.

In Lindi we will explain more and we will discuss how to work out this “competition”.

To be sure, that every class has the same material, I will bring you the number of material you need for your pupils. I suggest that you will work in groups of two or three children. I will bring the sets with me to Lindi if you want. Just let me know the number of sets you need. (I would say have some extra as reserve  J ). Each set costs about €2,95. If you order please do it in the beginning of September to give me time to arrange it.


Till so far, more news about the program and the visits will come soon from Ulla.  

Waiting for your answers, as usual, keep in touch,

Anton Verwey.