Dear colleagues/friends,

Here is some news about our friendly child and teacher’s project specially about the visits to Mersin/Tarsus.

  1. Every partner school received the invitation from Nil and Ece for the visit to Tarsus.
  2. They will make the reservation in the hotel in Tarsus for the visitors.
  3. Everyone is asked to come on Saturday the 3rd of November to the airport in Adana if possible in the afternoon. This will be easier for the transport to Tarsus. We hope you can have the right flights. Take care that the connection in Istanbul or Ankara will take some time. Some of us need a visa for Turkey.
  4. Most of us will leave at Friday the 9th of November, so that also will be easier for the transport to the airport.
  5. Please give the staff in Turkey (and cc to Anton Verwey) as soon as you can, the flight details, your email address and mobile number.

Competition meeting in Prague.

We agreed to have a competition about making a car using a PET bottle and a small motor. The competition is mend for pupils in the age of 10, 11 or 12 years old.

During the 3 days in Pocernice, teachers and pupils will present their “cars” that they made during the competition they had in their own class at school.

Schools that cannot send pupils can send a video or picture so that the school can take part in this way.

In Lindi was informed more and was explained how this “competition” will be. See therefore the minutes that are made by Doretta McCain from Ireland.


 The Joint staff training even in Lindi – Estonia.

The welcome that the school in Lindi Kindergarten-Primary Kool the visitors made was exceptional. The children welcomed everybody with presents and some songs in the hall.


Later the visitors had meetings about their boxes that they also presented to the pupils.

They have been talking about the boxes that will be made this year. They agreed to make more “modern” boxes about programming and robotics. Every school will make an inventarisation of the boxes they have and will look what boxes they already have. Mrs. Mc Cain made the minutes of the meetings. The participants will discuss the outcome of this meeting with their staffs, directors and coordinators. The Lindi teachers presented nice presents made by themselves.

There was a visit to the parallel Compulsory School in Surju.

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In the reports of the visitors, that will be presented soon on the website of the project, you will see more about the week with also excursions to the Tolku’s Bog, the Pärnu Museum and the Pernova Educational Center.

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They all, Mrs. Doretta Mc Cain, Mary Slattery, Paula Rodriguez Pereira, Efi Giannakopoulou, Carmen Carcel Garcia, Hana Kindlova, Helena Brozovska, Zdenka Nekorancova and Mr. Anton Verwey said that the visit in Estonia was successful thanks to the enthusiasm of the team, the staff and of course the children of the Lindi Kool.  Again thanks for everything.

Till so far, more news about the program and the visits that will come soon.

As  usual, keep in touch,

Anton Verwey.