Survey. During the former meetings, we have been talking about the survey that is part of our contract. In Lindi we agreed to do this survey again in the 2 first month of 2019 and to mail the results to every partner. In Aegina we will talk about the results and in The Netherlands, in May we will make the final general result document.

We agreed that we would do the survey only with teachers and children who worked with the boxes. It is obvious that we cannot ask girls in Bray because they have a boy’s schoolJ.

Evaluation. Eva and Stavroula have made an evaluation for their agency. Perhaps they can forward their evaluation to every partner school. So that we can use it during our discussions at the next meetings.

Meeting in Prague at the school in Pocernice from 10 till April.

In these period students of our schools are busy with making pet-bottle-cars. Please make a short video of this competition in your school so that you can present it during the meeting in Pocernice! We wish you a lot of fun with this part of the project. It will be nice to see the children working on it and to see the results.

Eva has some remarks/questions for the festive ties in Pocernice.

  1. The arrival and departure time : depends on each group. But the programme will be from Wednesday afternoon till Friday morning.
  2. I would like to know as soon as possible how many children and how many adults will come to Prague to make reservation in the hostel. Let me know how many rooms you need. Do not wait too long otherwise it will be fully booked. There is a link for a hostel for some information: -. there are only double rooms. The hostel is near the school, 5 minutes to walk.
  3. On Wednesday in the afternoon, we will go to school to prepare all things for competition. Later in the afternoon, there will be 2 hours presentation of virtual reality. The children will try special glasses for it and will try to play some short games. Lunch and dinner is at school.
  4. On Thursday morning, there will be competition in our school, and then there will be a lunch in the school cafeteria. In the afternoon, we will go to Prague to see some places associated with Golem. There will be a short time for shopping and everyone will provide dinner for himself or herself. In the evening we will go for virtual reality Golem 🙂
  5. On Friday morning, there will be short meeting in our school and possibility to go to some classes.
  6. For your Whats App or Skype connection during the presentation at 10.00 o’clock there is an internet connection in each class, so it is not a problem.
  7. The final invitation will come later, but please send the number of teachers, parents and children and the number of rooms first so that the school in Pocernice can arrange the hostel for you in time.

The meeting in Kypsely from 1st til 5th of April.

Stavroula and her team welcomes you now already. They will inform you soon about an interesting week that they will make with the coordinator Anton. For making reservations for the hotel and the excursions they want to know soon – and they mean relay soon ! (Like the colleagues in Pocernice) – with how many visitors you will come and what rooms you prefer. The Czech and Dutch teachers arrive on Friday evening in Athens. The Dutch colleagues will stay in the center of Athens in hotel Adrian. On Saturday and Sunday morning, Anton will guide them all for a city visit to interesting places in Athens. Colleagues are welcome to join the colleagues from Pocernice and Opheusden. Please inform Anton (see down below) if you want to participate and where you stay.

On Sunday afternoon, we can go together to Piraeus and take the boat to Aegina where we will meet Stavroula and her colleagues and go to the hotel on Aegina.

Please take a look at our website, there are new boxes and interesting reports of meetings!  Till so far, more news about the program and the visits that will come soon.

As usual, keep in touch, Anton Verwey.