H1ere is some news about our friendly child and teacher’s project especially about the visits to Mersin/Tarsus.

There was a perfect meeting in Tarsus. Not only the children, teachers, management, parents of the school, but sure also the visitors where enthusiastic.

During this week there were, as we made appointments about, visits to parallel school. In the schools pupils worked with boxes of teachers of the partner schools. It was nice to know that in Turkey now children worked with the boxes of for instance Niamh from Ireland (design a floating boat), Frencis from Holland, Kadri and Kaire from Lindi and José f4rom Spain.

There was a visit to all classes. Two students showed us the whole 2school. In the school were many educational decorations, even the stairs are used for counting and English instructions!

Some excursions were made to historical places like the ancient roman road, the underground city, the old Basar, Cleopatra gate and Kapadokia. In a few days, you will see the reports of the visitors on our website.3


Ece, the coordinator of the host school will send the minutes of our meeting soon. Some subjects were we talked about are in short:




The minutes made in Estonia, we agreed with them.

Greece. The last evaluation of this year; we will answer the questions of the mobility tool in concept, send them before the meeting in Greece to all partners, in Kipsely we will inform each other and in Holland we will complete them. Stavroula will send the invitation soon. We suggested that everyone could be in the Best Western hotel in Plaka – Athens. If you want, we can meet on Saturday at 10.00 o’clock on the Syndagma place near the fountain. Anton will show you around on Saturday and we will have dinner together. On Sunday we can go together to Aegina by boat.

Survey. In Aegina we will look at the outcome of the survey that will be done by all schools in the beginning of 2019 with pupils and teachers that worked with the boxes. We will use the same questions that we had for our first survey. Anton will send that survey by mail. The outcome of this survey will be used in our final report.


The visit to Prague. Every school will made a car of a plastic bottle (not a juice or milk pack) and the material that every school has now. Everyone is free to make the best original etc. car. Send pictures and a video of the competition at your school to Eva for the website and the meeting in Prague. This visit will shorter than usual. The staying will be in a hostel (Atlas) to reduce the costs. We hope that there will be pupils to present their cars. Dinner and breakfast (?) will be in school. Arrival at Wednesday. Presentation and competition on Thursday morning. It is suggested that we can have skype presentation of this at 10.00 hrs. Prague time. There can be some excursions on Thursday afternoon and on Friday morning. Alena will ask at her school what is possible and she will arrange the certificates for the winning teams. On Friday will be the last day together. Most participants will go home then. See the last bulletin and Eces minutes. The school from Pocernice will send the final program.


Pupils made a special present for the teachers from the visiting school.


All the visitors said that the visit in Tarsus was successful, thanks to the enthusiasm of the team, the staff and of course the children of the Turkish school.  Again thanks for everything.


Till so far, more news about the program and the visits that will come soon.

As usual, keep in touch,

Anton Verwey