Here is some news about our friendly child and teacher’s project especially about the visits to Aegina, Opheusden and Pocernice.

Meeting on Aegina.

Dear friends and colleagues,


Just a few days and we will meet again in Athens and/or on Aegina at the school of Kipsely.

Stavroula and her staff made many preparations. From Maeve we got the message that her three teachers have some problems with their flight to Athens. It was changed by Ryanair to departure at 7.00 pm (Irish time) on Sunday 31 March, instead of 7.00 am. So they will not arrive in Athens until 1.30 am- your time. This means that by the time they have travelled to their hotel in Athens, it will be extremely late and they will be very tired. For this reason, they will not be getting the early morning ferry to Aegina on Monday 1st April, as they had planned. Instead, they will get the 3.00 pm ferry later. Also Nil from Turkey will come later.

That means that the 3 staff members from Počernice, the 3 from Holland and the staff from Lindi will be starting on Monday at the school.

We have to try to do our work on the project meeting at on other moment.

That’s why Stavroula and her team are asked to make some changes in the program and we will promise them that we will work harderJ.


Survey, meeting in Aegina. In Lindi we agreed to do this survey again in the 2 first month of 2019 and to mail the results to every partner. In Aegina we will talk about the results, so bring them with you. In The Netherlands, in May we will make the final general result document.

We agreed that we would do the survey only with teachers and children who worked with the boxes. It is obvious that we cannot ask girls in Bray because they have a boy’s schoolJ.


Evaluation. Eva and Stavroula have made an evaluation for their agency. Perhaps they can forward their evaluation to every partner school. So that we can use it during our discussions at the next meetings.

As agreed every partner will bring some examples of their new box(es) !

Meeting in Prague at the school in Pocernice from 10 till April.

Hana, Eva and Zdena will inform you about the meeting in Prague so that you can ask them later to get info too.

We will talk about the meeting in Počernice during the week in Aegina.

The meeting in Kypsely from 1st til 5th of April.

The Czech and Dutch teachers arrive on Friday evening in Athens. The Dutch colleagues will stay in the center of Athens in hotel Adrian. On Saturday and Sunday morning, Anton will guide them all for a city visit to interesting places in Athens. Colleagues are welcome to join the colleagues from Pocernice and Opheusden. Please inform Anton (see down below) if you want to participate and where you stay.

On Sunday afternoon, unfortunately without Nil and the teachers from Ireland, we can go together to Piraeus and take the boat to Aegina where we will meet Stavroula and her colleagues and go to the hotel on Aegina.

Please take a look at our website, there are new boxes and interesting reports of meetings!  Till so far, more news about the program and the visits that will come soon.

Those who travel: have a safe and pleasant journey.

As usual, keep in touch, Anton Verwey.