Aegina 1st – 5th of April 2019

On Monday the 1st of April we were warmly welcomed in the school in Kypseli. A group of children performed a series of traditional dances for us.
After that we met the staff and talked about their educational system and we were intrigued by their solutions for the special needs children.

1On Tuesday the 2nd of April, our Erasmus+ group was completed by the arrival of the Irish and Turkish colleagues. We had our first meeting.
There were demonstrations form most schools about their newest boxes. We were very much inspired and eager to experiment with these ideas in our school.
We talked about how to use the boxes and about the organisation of the boxes in school.
Our school, Het Palet in Opheusden, has already made an inventory of all boxes and categorised them by topic and appropriate age.
The other countries / schools are going to do so as well. It is also very important that the children who worked with a box, fill in the evaluation form.
– The forms can be added to the child’s report,
– other children can use the evaluation to decide which box they find attractive to work with
– the teacher van refill the box in time.




In our school the children told us they like the boxes with a ‘special effect’ (science like experiments). And they are fond of the boxes with a final product (like “make a pen”).








We also discussed the website and how to promote it.

We discussed the survey and how it must be completed before the final meeting. Then we also discussed the competition in Prague, next week. We shared some ideas on the petcar and Eva told us about the timetable.
And the final subject was about the final report about our 3-year project.

4On Wednesday we visited the school on the island Agistri. Our colleague from Prague, Evam did a really nice presentation on the Ozobot, with the children of the school. We als saw a lesson from an Aegina colleague on their health and nutrition program.

On Thursday we visited a satellite school in Aegina, Vathi. Mrs. Stavroula worked with her newest boxes here “How to make a windmill” and “How to manufacture a car”.

In all the schools we mentioned Anton presented his “electricity box” and left it there as a present.






We are very thankful for the hospitality of the schools, the program Stavroula made, the hotspots we were taken to and all the cooperation with the parents, colleagues and children, to make this experience happen.
Nienke Vasbinder and Frencis van de Wardt.