From October 23rd to October 28th the partners from Estonia, Chech. Republic, Ireland, Spain have attended the initial Transnational Project Meeting in the Netherlands.


Hanna, Kaire, Eva, Lilli, Alice, David, Jose, Stavroula at the meeting in Opheusden with the hosts Els, Nico, Diana and Anton.


In the school of Kesteren one of the pupils, Rosalie, was the guide to show the Dalton school while the pupils worked with techniques.


In Nemo Kaire saw the children working in “the Lab” doing all kinds of experiments.


In Nemo the visitors worked on special “Dutch” experiments: how to control the water levels in polders and what is also important how to build a dam with water and dike elements.


In Nemo they saw a lot of examples that they can use to build their own Technical boxes in their schools.

The boxes they saw in the Dutch schools are already to be seen on the website of the project. Every teacher can copy the pages for pupils and teachers.


In the science museum Nemo is a copy of the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam.

They had already engaged in planning and organization and developed  their teaching skills through sharing practice and ideas with the colleagues from different countries. The ICT skills were developed through the input of our partners from the Czech Republic Eva Hola. All of this experience will be of great benefit to the children in our classrooms when they will return to the native countries.

The representatives of the schools had also a presentation by Mrs. Margot Lemmens of Opitec. They even build a balloon car themselves. Later in the week they visited the Geofort in Asperen and tried out an experiment with tablets and a map to find a route using the satellite map.

However there are some difficulties with the funding in this project the participants  tried to find a solution that will work for all of our schools.


At the last evening there was a nice meeting with members of the staff of the school in Asperen.

The enthusiasm of all the guests makes a promise for next meetings.