Lindi Lasteaed-Algkool

Contact person:

Kaire Kiivit

Lindi is a small elementary school. There are 4 classes with a total of 29 pupils. In addition there is a kindergarten currently with 38 children. Both parts of the school form one organization.
There are 13 people in a variety of roles on the staff.  Although our school is small it is very important and influential, being at the center of our rural community. The school caters for a wide variety of needs and abilities. Some pupils need an individual curriculum which the teachers have become skilled at providing. In addition we have children from other countries who require individual teacher attention. Consequently the teachers differentiate by age and ability to meet the needs of all our children.
Our pupils have been part of a natural science project in our country for three years. They have been motivated to learn. Taking part in an international project would widen their experience and knowledge. They would learn about different issues and people of the world in a spirit of positive cooperation. Through this project they would learn to work with other pupils and teachers within a design context. The pupils will communicate with other pupils by e-mail using the English language and share experiences from the project with other pupils across Europe.

The project would require our teachers to undergo professional development which would broaden their skills and make their teaching more effective. Our teachers work well both cooperating together and with colleagues in the regional partner school. We think taking part in this project will aid the design of our new curriculum.