22nd – 26st May 2019

Ece YILDIRIM was the visitor of Holland for the project.

This was the last meeting of the project in Holland. We came together to discuss the final report.

I arrived Holland on Wednesday night. After a short railway trip, I met our coordinator Anton in his village. He picked me up to the hotel.


On Thursday;

We visited our partner school Het Palet. It was very nice to see our collegues again. After a short conversation, we started our meeting. Meanwhile, the students were working on technical boxes.

The meeting has started with a small talk of Anton.

We discussed these topics in the meeting;


-final reports

-web site

-evaluation of the project


Some partners, including me, showed their surveys. We read together and discussed the results.

On the other hand, we had an agreement that we will share our final reports when they are ready.

There were also two workers from the natioanl agency and they observed us in the meeting. They had some notes and photos.

Then, suddenly, in the middle of the meeting, some students made a surprise with small gifts in their hands. They were very lovely and cute.

But the most exciting moment of the meeting was that the photostory. Thanks to our Holland partners, the photostory of the project was a very good memory for us.

Anton was very hospitable and he served dinner in his place on Thursday night. It was nice to see his lovely family again.


On Friday, it was free day for some excursions.


On Saturday afternoon, Anton had a garden party in his house. It was also our goodbye party.


Our three years last project has ended and we left Holland with a lot of good memories. In this these three years, we learned so many things and we experienced different teaching styles.

Luckily, all the partners were so kind and hospitable.

Maybe, one day we can meet again…