Here is some news about our friendly child and teacher’s project especially for teachers that want to help their pupils who are at home.



During the Corona crises, we got many positive reactions of teachers that use our boxes!

At the moment many schools are closed due to the situation of Covid-19. Teachers are looking for instructions and get reactions by using social media. Some of them use the boxes that are made by teachers for our Erasmusplus project TEPS.

Some enthusiastic pupils that send their results in a small video or Whats App to their teachers. Some of our colleagues made a challenge for building a Da Vinchi Bridge, or The highest tower made of sticks etc. The box of making a nice smelling soap for grandparents is also very popular.

The boxes are used in several ways:

Some colleagues just pass our website to parents and pupils. They have to arrange the materials themselves.

There are also schools that prepare a box with the materials that pupils need and some bring it to the children or parents come to school to fetch it. Afterwards the materials are brought back and cleaned (you also can leave it for a few days), and then complete it. In this way, it can be used again.

We have seen instructions made by teachers of our boxes on social media. It is nice to see how they show Kapla or the paper airplanes using the stopwatch of the mobile….. Some of our colleagues became real TV-stars. They deserve more than a compliment!

picture 1

Important: If you work with a balloon rocket or – car use a balloon pump, and throw away used balloons.

It was nice to get the message from Carmen a girl from a school El Peralejo in Alpedrete (Spain).

She made a tornado using two pet bottles. She connected the bottles using a small tube and tape.

First, she filled one bottle with water and then she turned the bottles around, and then turned them upside down. After that, you could see a real tornado in the upper bottle. A compliment to Carmen.


picture 2 picture 3

 You can order materials for boxes also at Opitec online shop.

Please look at our website, there are new boxes and interesting reports of meetings!

If you have a suggestion for a new box, there is a handout for teachers on the website how to make a box, and mail it to Anton.

Take care in this nasty period and stay strong.

As usual, keep in touch, Anton Verwey.